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Unless we see a drastic shift in the economic climate, Class B and C multifamily housing will have the greatest potential for high returns in 2017 and well into 2018.

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Consilium Multifamily Opportunity Fund, LLC 506(c) Offering Platform


Consilium Multifamily Opportunity Fund, LLC (the “Company” or the “Fund”) was formed for the purpose of acquiring and managing multifamily real estate assets. The Company will seek to acquire and manage real estate assets with the intention of providing participating investors a real estate focused investment opportunity that combines income, principal investment growth, and elements of capital preservation. The Fund is managed by Consilium Group, LLC (the “Fund Manager”), a Texas company that specializes in real estate asset acquisition and management. The Fund has also assembled an Advisory Board (the “Board”) composed of experienced professionals with backgrounds in asset management, multifamily real estate investment, commercial banking, real estate law, and professional accounting, to provide guidance and advice to the Fund Manager. Collectively, the Fund Manager and the Board are referred to as the Management Team. The Fund is capitalized with two classes of equity units. Class A units are owned by investors and Class B units which are owned by The Fund Manager, certain employees and Board members.

The Fund’s primary focus is creating and maintaining investor wealth through alternative real estate investment strategies. The Management Team’s collective abilities provide an advantage over investing individually by allowing the Fund to quickly and efficiently address any real estate acquisition, property management and asset improvements that may arise. The Fund’s ability to invest with aggregated capital also provides greatly enhanced negotiation leverage compared to investors who raise capital after finding properties to acquire and are essentially marketing a transaction.

The Fund intends to acquire select small balance real estate assets (generally considered to be properties with up to 400 units). By investing in a Fund with an experienced and diverse management team, investors are also freed from the complexities and time required for individual property ownership while still enjoying the benefits of having exposure to the asset class. Some investors may also see additional benefits based on recent tax law change. (Please consult with your accountant or advisor for additional information)

The Fund’s management team has identified compelling market opportunities for the acquisition of multifamily assets in markets with high growth potential. This document will outline the Fund’s strategies for executing on these opportunities and some pertinent details regarding investment in the Fund’s securities.

"Experts assert millennials are interested in homeownership, but are too laden with debt to pursue it. Their interest in owning a home will become more apparent as they continue to age, pay off debt, get married and start families — but this is still a long way off for the majority of the generation. "

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Consilium Multifamily Opportunity Fund, LLC 506(c) Offering Platform


The Fund intends to acquire select small balance real estate assets (generally considered to be properties with values less than $10,000,000). The Fund Manager believes this approach provides many benefits.

  • Effectively removes sophisticated Institutional buyers from competing for properties
  • Positions the Fund to compete with “Mom and Pop” buyers who may lack the ability or resources to properly underwrite an asset
  • Potentially allow for more nimble portfolio management of the Fund due to the smaller average size of each asset
  • Acquiring small balance Class C properties in certain locations potentially positions some of the Fund’s end renters to qualify for HUD/ Federal housing assistance as needed, mitigating risk to the Fund
  • In an economic downturn or recession Class B renters often “trade down” to Class C properties increasing the pool of potential renters and improving vacancy rates
  • Both Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae offer special loan programs for investors in these types of properties that offer certain benefits to investors compared traditional sources of financing

By investing in a Fund with an experienced and diverse management team, investors are also freed from the complexities and time required for individual property ownership while still enjoying the benefits of having exposure to the asset class.

The Fund will pursue investments by utilizing the expertise of the Management Team in acquiring and managing compelling multifamily assets that meet the Fund’s asset acquisition criteria. The Fund may also target certain off-market, bank owned non-performing multifamily assets to achieve attractive risk-adjusted returns. When possible, The Fund will target investment opportunities in the primary target markets of Houston, Dallas, and San Antonio (the “Target Markets”), but will also employ a “go anywhere” approach to providing value to the fund investors on a case by case basis.

In the opinion of the Fund Manager, the Texas multifamily real estate markets of Houston, Dallas (DFW), and San Antonio provide a compelling opportunity for the purchase, management, and disposition of undervalued and distressed multifamily real estate assets. The Management Team’s diverse background provides the Fund the capability to accurately evaluate acquisition opportunities with the intent to rehabilitate the asset, engage in a reposition and lease-up, and then ultimately sell the improved asset for a net gain.

However, the Fund is not constrained to these markets alone and will seek attractive investment opportunities wherever they may be located. The Management Team utilizes a combination of their professional experience, proprietary research and third party research to make investment decisions for the fund.

Despite millennial movement into homeownership, Apartment List predicts the overall number of renter households will continue to grow.

Consilium Multifamily Opportunity Fund, LLC 506(c) Offering Platform

Company Management Team

The Company is currently managed by seasoned business and sector professionals dedicated to the success of the Company and efficient execution of its planned operations

Consilium Group, LLC

Fund Manager

Consilium Group, LLC was formed in the state of Texas on February 1, 2017, and specializes in real estate asset acquisition and management.
Todd Smurl

Todd Smurl

Todd provides support to the Fund by sourcing and performing underwriting analysis on acquisition candidates as well as the Fund’s ongoing portfolio. Prior to Consilium, Mr. Smurl served as Sr. Wealth Advisor at Ayco, a Goldman Sachs Company, where he was a trusted advisor to high net worth families on portfolio management and estate planning issues. Prior to Ayco, Mr. Smurl was the President and Chief Investment Officer of Ascendant Advisors, LLC where he was also a member of the Investment Committee. In this capacity, he was responsible for the oversight of the investment process and portfolio management of the firm’s mutual funds. Prior to Ascendant, Mr. Smurl served as Executive Vice President and Chief Investment Officer at Compass Bank (now BBVA Compass) where he oversaw over $4 billion of client assets in the Wealth Management Group. Prior to Compass, Mr. Smurl was a Sr. Portfolio Manager at The Private Bank at Bank of America (now US Trust) where he oversaw the management of $1.5 Billion of discretionary client assets.

Mr. Smurl received a B.A. from the University of Central Arkansas and an MBA from University of Arkansas Little Rock and is a member of the CFA Institute as well at the CFA Society of Houston.

Board of Advisors

The Company has established a Board of Advisors, which includes highly qualified business and industry professionals. The Board of Advisors will assist the Management team in making appropriate decisions and taking effective action; however, the Board of Advisors will not be responsible for Management decisions and has no legal or fiduciary responsibility to the Company. Currently there are four members of the Board of Advisors:

Robert D. Stratton

Robert D. Stratton

Bob’s Multifamily Real Estate business spans more than 35 years.  He began learning about multifamily properties as a teenager, mowing lawns and walking properties for his family’s business.

He rose to become the Senior Vice President and Director of Acquisitions for Camden Property Trust – a Publicly traded REIT which is one of the largest multifamily REITs in the country. Bob was responsible for the acquisition of approximately 16,000 units in six cities in three states.

Backed by his extensive experience, Bob founded The Verandah Companies where he developed, built, and managed 1,600 class “A” Multi-Family Apartment units in Houston and Austin, TX.
Pat Dozark

Pat Dozark

Pat Dozark is a “transactional” and business attorney. He has over 35 years experience in corporate and business related matters, including business and family planning, estate planning, probate, trusts and real estate.

He has represented buyers and sellers of various sorts of real estate, and has represented lenders and title companies.

Besides his individual clients, he works with family-owned and closely held businesses.

He has made presentations before many businesses and other private groups, as well as other professional organizations, on business related topics.

Mr. Dozark is originally from Minnesota, and is married to a native Houstonian. They have one son.
Michael Knudsen

Michael Knudsen

Michael Knudsen is a founding partner and chief financial officer of Veritas Title Partners, where he plays a leading role in company management. He also leads a team of commercial marketing representatives who work with clients throughout the United States.

Knudsen draws on an unusually well-rounded background to help Veritas clients seize financial opportunities and resolve difficult challenges. He combines more than 25 years of experience in both the commercial title and commercial lending industries, including strong experience in structuring solutions for construction and legally- or financially- challenged properties. A native of Houston, Knudsen attended the University of Texas at Austin, where he received a Bachelor’s of Business Administration degree in finance.

Industry Alliances

In addition to the wealth of experience of our diversified Board, Consilium has partnered with key industry alliances to provide a comprehensive team service providers focused on maximizing efficiency and quality for our investors.

Veritas Title Partners

Veritas Title Partners is an independent title company known for its experience in resolving title issues and managing the closing process. Based in Houston, Texas, the company serves commercial and residential customers nationwide with a comprehensive collection of capabilities, a broad network of experts and a reputation for first-class service. Veritas is committed to obtaining the best possible outcome for the client with every real estate transaction. Drawing on the unparalleled expertise of some of the industry’s most seasoned professionals, the Veritas team provides thoughtful support and delivers can-do service according to the highest ethics and standards.

Equity Trust

Equity Trust is a leading custodian of truly Self-Directed IRAs

  • Over 30 years experience in the self-directed IRA industry
  • Over 400 fully trained self-directed IRA specialists to help you along the way
  • Over 130,000 clients with more than $12 billion of retirement plan assets under custody

Self-Directed IRAs and other retirement plans allow you to create lasting wealth by investing in areas where you have knowledge, expertise, and comfort. There are significant tax advantages possible with retirement accounts. Educating yourself is an important step many investors should take on the road to accelerating the growth of their retirement funds.  


Founded in 1985, Allied Orion Group has more than 30 years of experience providing management for all types of multi-family properties, and we have a growing portfolio of more than 25,000 apartment homes under management throughout the nation. While Allied Orion Group provides the extensive resources of a large company, our focus is not on quantity, but on quality service. We have extensive experience with all asset types and specialize in lease-ups and repositioning communities.

Kaminski & Company, P.C.

Established in 2001, Kaminski & Company, P.C. works with businesses and entrepreneurs from around the Houston region to keep an eye on their finances and maintain balance sheets. Specializing in small business accounting and bookkeeping services, we get the ins and outs of being an independent business. Kaminski & Company, P.C. combines the right blend of accounting and tax services, financial planning and products, and business consulting. We have the resources to be your business and financial guide.  
"Developers are poised to register the second-highest annual completions count of this cycle in 2018, down by 9.2% from 2017’s cycle peak. Because apartment starts began to slow in 2017, the multifamily market will get a reprieve from new supply by late 2018 and throughout 2019."
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Consilium Multifamily Opportunity Fund, LLC 506(c) Offering Platform

Terms of the offering


Minimum Offering: $2,500,000

Minimum Subscription: $25,000 (25 Units)

Consilium Multifamily Opportunity Fund, LLC (the “Company” or “Consilium”), a Texas Company, is offering a minimum of 2,500 and a maximum of 50,000 Class A Membership Units for $1,000 per unit.

The Class A Units sold through this Offering shall participate in distributions of the net cash flow from operations after all reserves on the following schedule and terms; (i) a distribution, if available, equal to an annual eight percent (8%) non-compounding cumulative Preferred Return Distribution (the “Preferred Return”) distributed to Units monthly if possible, but at a minimum quarterly and calculated based on the Units invested capital contributions and; (ii) a distribution to the Class A Units on a pari passu basis equaling seventy percent (70%) of any additional net cash flow from operations with the Class B Unit holders participating in thirty percent (30%) of net profit. The Manager of the Fund, in its sole discretion, may reinvest any proceeds from the sale or refinance of assets prior to 12/31/2021.

Net profit from the sale or refinance of assets after 12/31/21 shall be distributed on the following schedule and terms; (i) one hundred percent (100%) of net profit to the Class A Units until such time as invested capital contributions have been repaid; (ii) and one hundred percent (100%) of net profit to the Class A Units until such time as any accrued Preferred Return is paid and; (iii) remaining net profit will be distributed seventy percent (70%) to the Class A Units and thirty percent (30%) to the Class B Units.

Consilium Multifamily Opportunity Fund, LLC 506(c) Offering Platform

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The Consilium Multifamily Opportunity Fund, LLC 506(c) Investor Portal provides the opportunity for you to become approved as a “prospect", and learn more about our investment opportunity. You will have:

  • Access to the Private Placement Memorandum, which outlines our company and gives greater detail about our offering. Download a PDF to review on your time, read the ebook presentation online or request a hard copy of the documents;
  • Access to our SEC filing. Download a copy for your records or visit the website;
  • View real time offering metrics of where we are in the offering process;
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We will upgrade your account to “Investor” level access, which provides all of the prospect level access and:

  • The ability to download subscription documents for completion;
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  • Specific process information for investing and instructions on transfer of investment funds;
  • Access to quarterly and annual reports;
  • Access to Financial documents;
  • Access to Supporting Documents;
  • Access to Asset Portfolio;
  • Access to News articles written by the company for the investors;
  • Access to documents that you have uploaded and have been uploaded to your account.

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